Iti’s Got Her Monthly. Celebriti Chakra Round-Up for February


Prizes One thru Nine. The Celebs Knockin’ Their Chakras

and…The Shining Stars…Celebs Rockin’ Their Chakras.

(Iti’s Note: What is a “Chakra”?  A purse to be on a waiting list for?  A sneaker from Japan? No to both and you can’t buy or beg, you already have them. Celebritis…They’re Just Like Us! They have these Energy Wheels too! Go here to see what they wheely are, Google or Wiki it)

Celebs Knockin’ Their Chakras:


First Base Root Down (?) Chakra Prize to Chris Brown…Hey Root Down Brown, ala the BeeGees, ask yourself…how deep is your Love?


La Sexy (?) Second Chakra Prize to Kate Moss…knocked up anew or non?


The Sheer Will Power (?)Third Chakra Prize to Madonna…for power tripping and power walking another new man-boy-love to mandatory Kabbalah, this time model, Jesus Luz.


The True Love (?) Fourth Chakra Prize to Salma Hayak and Francois-Henri Pinault for romantically becoming civilly married on Valentines’ Day to nicely erase the past nasties.


The Fifth Gettin’ Creative (?) Chakra Prize to Mickey Rourke for his little puppy at his 5th chakra, so adorable but alas no lucky charm to claim the wrestling of an Oscar.


The Third Eye Higher Vision(?) Sixth Chakra Prize goes to Jessica Biel for her clever take on the everyday, ho-hum accessory, the colestomy bag…Take it Higher, Higher, Higher Honey! To the heights of Chic!


The Power and Glory (?) Seventh Chakra Prize goes to Beyonce for her Back, her Bootie, her 7th grade dance moves and Most of All the worst- supporting actress dress on the whole wide, wide girl…ooooooooopppppsss…I mean in the wide, wide world.


The Star Power (?) Eighth Chakra Prize to  Amy Winehouse, a beautiful girl and voice who landed again in the hospital again due to the drama of drugs again and divorce again.


The Coupla-Lovers (?) Beyond “Really…It’s All About Me” Knockin’ The Big Star Ninth Chakra Award goes to Sean Penn for dodging Robin’s adoring gaze as he bolted up to get his Oscar and then horribly did not thank her.  A 9th chakra knockin’ bedroom scene no doubt followed later…

Celebs Rockin’ Their Chakras:

People MIA

La Second Chakra Sexy Prize to MIA,who gave birth right after her Grammy performance.

love_1295879c1The Sheer Will and Power Third Chakra Prize goes to Agyness-Deyn for her demure, white power portrayal of the Queen Mum for new magazine, LOVE. Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil, See No Evil.


The True Love Fourth Chakra Prize is awarded to author, Armistead Maupin who told his story again to Time Out NY magazine about finding his true love boyfriend through and then chasing him down the street which then led to marriage…and BTW nice carriage house, boys.


The Big Voice Fifth Chakra Prize we award to to Shepard Fairey…for standing up to ho-hum Associated Press. Score one for free love and images.


The Sixth (Big Third Eye) Chakra Prize goes to JR, the Parisian street artist whose third eye vision sees beyond fame and money and shines over favelas and war-torn places for the love of humanity. (and he did make a bunch of cash at Sotheby’s in a down market…kudos kiddo!)


The Fame and Glory Seventh Chakra Prize Jade Goody  a British actress who is dying from cancer and will die online to raise money for her sons for life and immortality via the Internet.


The Star Power Eighth Chakra Prize goes to Jochen Zeitz for activating Puma Vision and  The Three Faces of Puma.

Triple creatives at one company? Hussein Chalayan and Alexander McQueen and now Mark Coetzee?  Go Jochen Go.


Ninth Big Star, Beyond “Really…It’s All About Me” Chakra Prize to Leonardo DiCaprio, the actor/activist was honored with the International Green Film Award by Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev at the Cinema For Peace ceremony in Berlin, Germany.


2 Responses to “Iti’s Got Her Monthly. Celebriti Chakra Round-Up for February”

  1. this is not just interesting but INTER-rrestrial…

  2. chris i love you so much probably more then rihanna loved you

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