summer-making machine:florence’s rabbit heart


Florence Welch

the alien’s smile today is a promise of summer. new music from florence and the machine july 6 on island. lungs, a release to raise it up with a song for the end of a cold winter (eeew still!) and spring sorta here in the vicinity of coney island, earth. the beginning of Summer turning us into gold and sunlight thru and thru.  

a bit Heart, a bit Patti Smith, a bit Kate Bush, a bit catchy. see florence and the machine video on her rabbit heart from her first release. kinda innocent glamour which is beguiling in its raw skin…how humans all feel now, kinda molted after this hard weird winter…(the alien likes lowercase for indie kinda stuff)

YOU!…florence and the machine…kinda make an alien stuck in the body of a stripper smile.


3 Responses to “summer-making machine:florence’s rabbit heart”

  1. 2 itiphonehome

    The Alien is in love with this footage from a midsummer night’s dream by William Dieterle and Max Reinhardt from 1935 with Florence Welch from The Alien’s jaw was wide open…

  2. 3 PMS

    Well hey, prettymonkeystudio loves the Alien for loving the footage. Jaw open = good

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