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“Being beautiful can never hurt, but you have to have more. You have to sparkle, you have to be fun, you have to make your brain work if you have one.” Sophia Loren Throw that intelligence curve ball indeed, Sophia! …while my tiny Alien mitts await my rice flour to rise for my mini-bread baking […]

Inflatable Monday. Around here…(Coney Island parts) Monday mornings must be blown up and infused with fresh air, new sea legs and spinach-fed muscle! (coffee too…) Iti’s Daily Love Smile today comes from artist Jeff Koon’s inflatable sea creatures which happily puncture and swim through heavy metal trash cans, ladders and meat hooks in London’s Serpentine Gallery […]

La Second Chakra Sexy Prize to Allan Jenkins Orgasmic Organics Always a lover of round, scented earthy fecund-ness in all its forms, The Alien wants to make a Celebritini from her latest discovery, English gardener and blogger, Allan Jenkins. LES MUSTS! EARTH FLUSHNESS! CELEBRITINI + ZUCCHINI BABY BUMPS! The most sexy garden pics EVER!  Take 5 […]

The Alien’s Monthly PMS where she rants on Celebs Rockin’ Their Chakras. The Alien has been baffled and pouting in her designer vibrating light spacesuit this past month and now has finally seen the light on this day, The Solar Eclipse of July 21. All last month….she stared into the blue mirror glow of the […]

A regal woman entered the far end of New York City’s Bryant Park with her lover. She had a black and white 1970’s printed volumnous top, leggings and high, high wedge turquoise shoes and her head swathed high, high, high in a turquoise scarf like a 1950’s icon going on a European road trip and […]

  The Alien’s Daily Smile Today is in Appreciation for The Artist who gave nod most wisely to spectacle, humor, scale of emotions and symbol. No, it ain’t MJ…Pina Bausch has passed.  The Alien shared dinner with Pina in a small Brooklyn cafe after a BAM performance of Mazurca Fogo and toasted The Legend with the cast […]