Shirin She-Rockin Teheran


Shirin Aliabadi's Sexy in Tehran

A regal woman entered the far end of New York City’s Bryant Park with her lover. She had a black and white 1970’s printed volumnous top, leggings and high, high wedge turquoise shoes and her head swathed high, high, high in a turquoise scarf like a 1950’s icon going on a European road trip and a deliberate curve of bleach blond Marilyn hair across her heavy, sexy dark eye-lined eyes.  The Alien’s style needle was quivering.

Immediately drunk on the unexplainable, hovering between enjoying a wickedly smart, sexy girl updating a classic pin-up girl look…too London cool for NYC…or perhaps just a stroke of luck with a scarf given the gathering clouds before it rained? 

As the couple came to the East end of the Park for shelter from the storm clouds releasing, I saw that this girl was wearing a Moslem headscarf while working every dark-eyed, long-limbed, high-heeled, bottle blond sexy tool ever hotly-breathed.

It was HOT.

Shirin Aliabadi photographs this phenomenan.  Her “Girls in Cars” series shows the subversive culture of young Teheran girls ready to party and “Miss Hybrid” are Superstars from the Botox and rhinoplasty capital of the world.  See London’s recent Made in Iran exhibit for more.

While the Alien shudders in the space suit over all “Alien Abductions” of “Stamp-me White Seals of Approvals” (ps why she does not speak of MJ) there is something free and sexy and smart appropriating here especially as it gets documented through art, immediately capturing the EDGE.

YOU!…Shirin…will forever make an alien stuck in the body of a stripper smile.


Shirin Aliabadi Hybrid Girl

Shirin Aliabadi Hybrid Girl


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