My Orgasmic Organic Daily Love Smile


La Second Chakra Sexy Prize to Allan Jenkins Orgasmic Organics

radish1 allan Jenkins

Always a lover of round, scented earthy fecund-ness in all its forms, The Alien wants to make a Celebritini from her latest discovery, English gardener and blogger, Allan Jenkins.


The most sexy garden pics EVER!  Take 5 minutes for an English garden escapist traipse… Blogger for The Observer‘s Organic Alllottment in the The Guardian UK, Allan ends his garden romps of hyper-lush close-up shots, wet Wellies and vine to plate fresh recipes with his own version of the simple, dronning English version of Tim Gunn’s “Make it work” finale with…

“But what is growing well for you right now?” or “What’s working well and what’s not?” or “Happy Salad Days!”

Isn’t it a lovely mid-summer metaphor for all the worlds you Earthlings passionately dream and grow?

YOU!…Allan Jenkins!…will forever make an alien stuck in the body of a stripper named Chelsea Nicole… smile.


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