Inflate Monday with a Pop Eye


JeffKoons_Popeye_emailInflatable Monday.

Around here…(Coney Island parts) Monday mornings must be blown up and infused with fresh air, new sea legs and spinach-fed muscle! (coffee too…)

Iti’s Daily Love Smile today comes from artist Jeff Koon’s inflatable sea creatures which happily puncture and swim through heavy metal trash cans, ladders and meat hooks in London’s Serpentine Gallery until September 13th.  

Popeye was invented during the last Depression, a feisty hero whose challenges were nothing in the face of a can-do attitude, huge respect for wimmin and babies and a “I yam what I yam!” 

“Thas’ all I can stands, ’cause I can’t stands no more!”  

Koons, who financed his wildly successful art rise via his Wall Street brokering and re-financed his life after a float with a porn star mama,Ilona Staller (La Cicciolina)  and his child, knows a bit about re-invention, re-appropriation or a Pop Art and Pop Eye seeing applied to life.  In his interview with Anthony Haden-Guest he proffers this spinach advice:

I always think back, how did I end up in the position that I have? A lot of my friends and the people I have been around from the time of art school or living in New York as a young artist, we’d talk over a beer about the ideas and the work. But slowly it seemed that though some people would say how much they want to participate, they actually would create excuses when an opportunity was presented. And I realized that I would always accept the opportunity. And I think at the end of the day that’s why some artists end up where they do. They want to be engaged and to be involved, to take risks.

Jeff Koons inflates banality with regality. Like his idol, Dali, for Koons, the Persistence of Memory and Hope and Play is never that far away. Mix up some high and low morality, grab the spinach and your coffee…inflate your seeing and seize the day!

YOU!…Jeff Koons!…will forever make an alien stuck in the body of a stripper named Chelsea Nicole… smile.


Jeff Koons: 
Popeye Series
2 July – 
13 September 2009

The Serpentine Gallery

Kensington Gardens
London W2 3XA
T 020 7402 6075
F 020 7402 4103
Recorded information 020 7298 1515


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