Sexwise + Videotape via Sophia


“Being beautiful can never hurt, but you have to have more. You have to sparkle, you have to be fun, you have to make your brain work if you have one.”
Sophia Loren

sophia's house

Throw that intelligence curve ball indeed, Sophia!

…while my tiny Alien mitts await my rice flour to rise for my mini-bread baking experiment today, I salute all things home-y, bake-y, vintage clebritini-ish and womanly beautiful…the curvaciousness that is Sophia Loren for no other reason than she popped into my Alien world twice today and made me Alien smile.

First, my compound Alien eyes could not stop drinking in this image of Sophia in bed, very pleasing in a real Mama Madonna way. Note the painting of Sophia Madonna over her head.  She really worked it to escape poverty and miscarriages to earn her lush Mamahood to her two boys.  And then today, suddenly synchronistically and eerily, a friend said to watch her whole story on a videotape of the Charlie Rose show from 2002, where Sophia touts her history and her cookbook.

Sophia…are you tryin to tell The Alien something?

Of course, I check the Google news for some Sophia wisdom. That’s what her name means, scholars! Sure enough, in the news is Annie Hall actress, Diane Keaton, on a roll to save the Century Plaza Hotel from the wrecking ball.  Designed by Minoru Yamasaki of the Twin Tower fame, Diane and others are calling it a perfect example of 1960’s architecture.  Diane paid homage to a classic example of 1960’s icon-status architecture by saying that the hotel’s distinctive curving facade made it appear like “a sexy woman surrounded by ogling men – Sophia Loren in the 1960s”.

LA's Century Plaza Hotel

LA's Century Plaza Hotel

The Alien hopes Diane (scholars: The Huntress) is more successful in her fight than New York City’s tragic loss of the curvy, sparkly Lollipop building at Columbus Circle…replaced by a bland building with all the emotion and excitement of a circuit board.

Lollipop building

Lollipop building

Neither of these 60’s buildings have anything on my favorite, Oscar Niemeyer’s architectural curve-balls.

Osacr Niemeyer, Alien space travel building

Osacr Niemeyer, Alien space travel building

So Kudo’s to Mama Sophia for beautifully appreciating, turning and working life’s curve balls into Sparkly Magnificence vs. acquiesing to the wrecking balls. 

On September 20, Sophia Loren is 75 years stunning. Building and Rising again this Fall, Sophia stars as the Mama in Nine, the Musical movie with stellar co-stars, Daniel Day-LewisNicole KidmanPenelope CruzMarion CotillardKate HudsonStacy “Fergie” Ferguson, Look at Daniel Day Lewis and his hot Mama here:


Sophia Loren and Daniel Day Lewis

Sophia Loren and Daniel Day Lewis

YOU!…Sophia!…and Oscar! will forever make an alien stuck in the body of a stripper named Chelsea Nicole… smile a curvy architectonique smile.


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