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“Everyone re-incarnates, changes bodies, transitions, you know, and that includes Obama too,” my friend, Rahu Speaks and Reminds Me. Getting a phone call beamed from my friend Rahu, usually means he’s got some new persona and scheme cooking and so even, I, Iti, Alien Unstoppable, must give pause. He tells me his current incarnation is […]

My angel told me not to fear Love is free and everywhere Listen to that special part It will save us, it’s the heart God has a voice, he speaks through me God has a voice, she speaks through me Crystal light in every creature Crystal light in every creature Everyone has love to give […]

China Tracy, What Are You Doing Here?   China Tracy you are Beloved by The Alien!  Like Smilin’ Iti (Me), China Tracy pops up everywhere and in Second Life she is the Second skin of artist Cao Fei.  The Alien was Smiling Huge over her a Sunday feast of her art, having seen too much […]