cuckoo for coco rosie (repeat, repeat…)



My angel told me not to fear
Love is free and everywhere
Listen to that special part
It will save us, it’s the heart

God has a voice, he speaks through me
God has a voice, she speaks through me

Crystal light in every creature
Crystal light in every creature
Everyone has love to give


The Alien’s Daily smile today was as wide as my bathtub sea, stretching to infinity. Make my eyes shine wide to give some room on God’s little dance floor to the Coco Rosie  sisters, Bianca Leilani “Coco” and Sierra Rose “Rosie” Casady.  

The singing sister girls finally tour the US, beginning in NYC on September 2nd. Where Bjork only began is where these girls begin. I will definitely try to invade their auras when they come, for I had a master shopping list for when I came to just visit the Earth for a few hundred years which included:          

I instead by mistake, as you well know, ended up in the body of one Chelsea Nicole.  

YOU!…Coco Rosie!  You will forever make an alien stuck in the body of a stripper named Chelsea Nicole… smile-a-wave-the-freak-flag-high-as-you-strip-it-proudly-off-your-body-smile.

(here are 3 pretty vids to make your day)


God has a Voice and She Speaks To Me!  I so love my girls!


2-Sep New York, NY Highline Ballroom
3-Sep Washington, DC Black Cat
5-Sep Boston, MA Paradise
6-Sep Quebec, PQ Le Circle
7-Sep Montreal, PQ Le National
9-Sep Toronto, ONT Lee’s Palace
10-Sep Detroit, MI Crofoot
11-Sep Chicago, IL Logan Square Auditorium
15-Sep Seattle, WA King’s Cat
16-Sep Vancouver, BC Red Room
17-Sep Portland, OR Alladin
19-Sep Yosemite, CA Symbiosis
21-Sep Los Angeles, CA Henry Fonda Theatre


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