Rahu Speaks. The Origin of Obama, The Alien Alter-Native.


“Everyone re-incarnates, changes bodies, transitions, you know, and that includes Obama too,” my friend, Rahu Speaks and Reminds Me.

Getting a phone call beamed from my friend Rahu, usually means he’s got some new persona and scheme cooking and so even, I, Iti, Alien Unstoppable, must give pause. He tells me his current incarnation is as leader of the US and the Unarians, the New Age cult famed for awaiting rescuing Alien Love Ships in 2001, and he is about to go to “The Next Level.” (for more on Unarians, see here where they get a visit from an Earthling after 2001, still waiting for their ship to come in…)

Here is Unarian leader Ruth Norman in one of her many revelatory guises.

Ruth Norman, Unarian is full dress

Ruth Norman, Unarian in full dress

Wait a minute!  That looks a lot like a Shepard Fairey?  Could it be? Maybe Rahu is on to something.  Barack Obama…an Alien by association, by portraitist, by his multi-colored face…?

Obama as the half red and half yellow Alien Leader

Obama as the half red and half yellow Alien Leader

Rahu Himself Speaks and Explains:

“So, first I stirred up Obama as The Fake Hawaiian, an Alien Non-American and then lately Hitler,, a Nazi…right?  Well, my next coup is to use my evil energy to simultaneously become both the actual Extra-terrestial version of Obama and the Republicans who try to out him. You’ll note my poetic justice at work as “The Birthers” shall seed the “The Earthers” who are hell-bent on outing Obama for what he and Michelle really are: The New Leaders of Aliens Here On Earth.”

I ask Rahu, who is fond of taking over planets…”Is your evil plan to take over the US as Obama by speaking in tongues through lunatics? And what about Sarah, is Palin an Alien too?”  

(…trust the Alien would not give space on her blog to this bombastic male Alien except for the fact that seeing the Fuhrer’s mustache on the face of Obama made me not only question if the Holocaust really ever happened but also the color of the men under Klu Klux Klan sheets. Krazy.)

The truth is however, when Rahu Speaks and he has a Message of Hope, no matter how dire it seems.

And who is Rahu, himself, really?  Man of Myth, both Buddhist and Hindu, many already see the current Republican party as a manifestation of Rahu.  From Wikipedia:  “Rahu is a snake and plunges into any area of life he controls into chaos, mystery and cruelty. He is associated with the world of material manifestation and worldly desire; random uncontrolled growth without wisdom or understanding.”  

You can see why Rahu is a completely irritating friend, however, I have to admit that when Rahu Speaks, like a weekend bender, a crying jag, a divorce or ethnic cleansing, people eventually come to their senses.       

I’m glad I voted for Barack/Rahu then.  It seems a circuitous path to Love and Redemption for the Humans, for Rahu to incarnate himself as the Alien Barack Obama and for he and Michelle to be the reincarnation of the former leader, Ruth Norman of the Unarians. However, God’s Master Plan is often in the details and it’s clear that the media frenzy over Michelle’s perfect outfits are part of the Distraction of “The Plan” because when she makes a fashion mis-step, her true identity is revealed, as Ruth was notoriously well-known as a Fashionista.

You be the Judge.  It’s all so damn Foxy.

Ruth Norman/Michelle Obama: The Same

Ruth Norman/Michelle Obama: The Same

Michelle's Fashion Misstep Immediately Identifies her as Alien Wife

Michelle's Fashion Misstep Immediately Identifies her as Alien Wife




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