Wangari Speaks! Trees Smile!



Who speaks for Forests and Seedlings planted one by one, step by step?  Who stood up to her political husband’s accusations of adultery and cruelty? Who stands up to her own country that tells her to be quiet and respect men and calls her crazy?  Who stands up to world leaders imploring them to agree that climate change is “human-induced” and more than 4000 scientists cannot be mistaken?

Kenyan, Wangari Maathai went from listening to her communities’ puzzlement over why there was no wood for fires nor water to drink to becoming a Nobel Prize Winner and an invited Speaker at the United Nations.  As a top international university student, it was a simple solution for her community…grow trees.  The rest of her journey has been less than simple indeed but her movement, the Green Belt Movement has planted 35 million trees and continues to create sustainable jobs.  

Her response to men in her country telling her to be a woman and be quiet?  “Just use the anatomy that matters right now, from the neck up.” interview  

Pleased with the positions of China and Japan at the recent UN meeting in New York, she implores Obama to follow suit leading up to the UN Climate Change Conference in December 2009.  

…and see this video of Wangari on Democracy Now!


“When you believe in something, keep at it, do it…YOU MAY BE RIGHT,” Wangari tells students and hmmm, the Alien is listening and is on the forefront of the Wangari War for Trees!

YOU!…Wangari Maathai!  You will forever make an alien stuck in the body of a stripper named Chelsea Nicole… smile-at-every-small-seedling’s-will-power-which-grows-and-grows-until-it-re-forests-the-world.


Top photo by Belinda Luscombe.


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