Welcome Wild Hairy Things!


Wild Things are Coming! Keep them Close!

My Daily Alien Smile today actually began last night when Chelsea Nicole gunned her red Mustang “Thrill Machine” away from the CVS drugstore, highly PMS pissed. They were all out of Nair, the hair remover, which meant fuzzy legs and a mustache, which in turn causes her extreme emotional pain which in turn requires extreme repeated doses of the Budweiser medication.  I had nowhere safe to go but My Imagination.


AJ fosik_d

The Alien Likes To Keep Furry Things Close. Why do you think she regularly trades her glowing silicone sleek wet suit for the *frankly* fleshy fats of her human host, Chelsea Nicole? The warmth, the hot lights, the scent of a woman…I do love every pore and folicle (and thank God for astral traveling when it all permeates TOO MUCH.)

But, can you humans really get wild? Spike Jonze’s Where The Wild Things Are movie is coming! Please do honor your hairy ancestry, beasts, the beasts in You and the little beings you were and are always, because becoming an adult invaribly musses everything up for all y’all.  (Despite your Human parades and charades for Help! for The Lost to be Found! via “Adults and Their Family Religions,” “Rules I Learned in Kindergarten” and “WWJD”).

The Alien’s Love Smile came today with artist, A. J. Fosik’s exhibit, “There’s Aliens In Our Midst …that’s the hot colored animal human head above.  It made me think of the totem poles in Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man movie and the necessity of wild rituals in dream like settings. A childhood silverware set came next, from 1960’s Germany with a sweet totem portrait of my Alien family. (the drawing is below) Then followed my most recent artist to wish I could crawl in his skin, a real man who spend weeks in the forest, builds his own islands or becomes a snowman with a carrot nose in galleries … Antti Laitinen.

Scary Fun + Furry Friends + Tiny Alien Pals = Harmless Humans!

While you remake your planet and plant trees, feed the hungry, calm the racists and teach the children…don’t forget to give your hungry animal ghosts a powerful and peaceful place to go in their Wild Imaginings so they don’t unleash their Ugly Humans when they join the masses at the watering holes.

YOU!…Spike Jonze, YOU! …Antti Laitinen! YOU! …Johnny Depp! YOU! …Jim Jarmusch! YOU! …Maurice Sendak! YOU!… HOT WILD HUMAN MEN! will forever make an alien stuck in the body of a stripper named Chelsea Nicole… smile-a-knowing-animal-toothful-grin-while-purring-to-Madonna’s-Vogue’ing-Alien-smile/dance through the woods smile. (with nary a human hair on her…)





Photo 156


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