whi I oughta…wha? come again?





“Why I can be a frog, a bat, a chimp or a human.”

It’s raining the first pelting, freezing rain of the winter here in Atlantic City and while Chelsea is out pole and lap dancing, I’m cozy up in the rancher, with Grandma Ann’s crocheted Americana folly (blanket).  I passed on Chelsea’s figure-flattering slanket just on the color alone, not too mention the drafty open back.  (Truly a portent of the end of the Earth.)

Tonight my Alien Daily Smile comes from love-festing with frogs, Flaming Lips, the bones of Ardi and Alexander McQueen!  Alien Wise Guys have always insisted upon no missing links except for the human capacity for love and imagination. The Alien loves Fred Tomaselli, The Artist, for this…that’s his psychotropic floralsoma sumthin sumthin littered canvas above. And bravo Alexander McQueen LIVE for metamorphasizing 60% water humans into the 221st century.

Rain and Frogs are shamans and shaman tools changing forms and moods from spermish tadpoles to funny, burping, squatting land rovers.  Spread your little web fingers! Re-incarnation can be fun!  Change is good for the spirits!


alexander mcqueen


YOU!…Frogs! YOU! …Flaming Lips! YOU! …Ardi! YOU! …Alexander McQueen! YOU! will forever make an alien stuck in the body of a stripper named Chelsea Nicole… smile-a-wet-nostalgic-and-warm-for-form-hopping-frog-crooked smile.

BTW…Take a tip to turn your shower into a 9 minute spa treatment from my spell book here at the showerflowerpower blog.


The frog’s song calls down the cleansing power of the rain. Frogs are often seen as a symbol of fertility and creativity.

Frogs remind us to cleanse our bodies, our environments and our energy because they will die if away from moisture for too long. They represent the emotional power of tears to transform, cleanse away sorrow and refresh and renew on many levels.

If you feel “muddied” by the world, connecting to a moment to dream, to laugh and re-connect with your body and the earth is healing.

Frogs change form and environments, from tadpole to adult frog, so they represent going with the flow.

From water (emotional) to air (mental) to earth (the body) taking a frog pose integrates our energy.



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