Tip it To High


Aliens come and go and whoa!… we’ve seen plenty from ET to Bowie to Barbie to Nicole Ritchie. So this Alien was un-plugged and un-blogging for a bit, playing an Anubis Dog, (ushering my Alzheimer-infused and brilliantly psychotic Dad on his way to being an Celestial Alien from his nursing home to his universal resting place, God Love His Human Soul)

But music UP! Spring’s eternal peeper frogs of renewal and the stripper pole called, my earthly body’s host, the honorable Chelsea Nicole, is back off the dole, proffering her red, white and blue rocket sno-cones once again on the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

…and the Alien’s Daily Love Smiles Today upon Pop-star, Tightrope Walker Supreme: Janelle Monae. Her video release could be the exact vision and sound of my experience: the stark hospitals, the nurses and insanity while inside the lush beating of my heavenly-ushering tap-dancing and singing heart to the Song of Love between My Pops and Me. “Whether I am high or low, tip, tip on the tightrope.” Eternally black and white, the gap and the balance is the tip, tip tip of the conversation with our Soul.

From her new release, Archandroid, with Big Boi, James Bond-ish, Tom Jones-ish horns and all the energy of an old Swing movie in a hot Harlem club. Drenched!

Erykah Badu, ?uestlove and N.E.R.D. and Bilal are touring with her over the next months, take a look at Janelle’s site for dates. Of course, we are loving as always The Badu, especially because her designer, Epperson is our pal. Here are more weavings from the journey, making this Alien come back from celestial wanderings to stomp and throw down flowers and lotsa squiggly, organic and leafy growing things.

Thank Heavens for the Original, Nature Spirits…My Palace of Dogs protecting me. Of course The Alien found Babalu Aye, or Babalu Aye found The Alien. Known as the deity associated with insanity, aging, illness, disease and death, he is also the deity that cures same. From the same Palace of Gods that Janelle riffs on, the Egyptian God Anubis, whose duty it is to examine the tongue of the Great Balance, on The Day of Judgement, to take care that the beam is exactly horizontal…thank you.

The Tropics. Miami! The only place a Northeastern US-raised Jewish Dad would choose to make his exit, so that tears from inside a hospital get dried outside by the hot Miami sun instantly every time. He was always flying, from a kid with his model cars and planes to being a WW2 Ace Pilot to his Pisces dreaming Soul. He was always laughing, keeping the people around him light and happy. No small feat. Festive, Hot-Beat-Plays-On Babalus like Lucy’s Ricky Ricardo…very necessary.

And thank the earthy necessaries, like art and music, for all through the process, Isaac Mendes Belisario, the Jewish, Jamaican illustrator’s sketches were filling my life, calming the Alien emotions and inspiring The Alien with their Peaceable Kingdom dressed in raucous color and costume vibe. Pretty Earth through Pain. Through Slavery. Through Hunger. Through Doubt. Through Tapped Out. Through.

YOU!…Janelle! YOU! …Nurses of This World! YOU! …Babalu! YOU! …Big Boi! YOU!…Isaac Mendes Belisario! YOU! …My Pop! YOU! …will forever make an Alien stuck in the body of a stripper named Chelsea Nicole… smile-a-sniffles-OK-done-OK-Rebirth-OK-let’s-keep-dancing-OK-Love-Never-Ever-Leaves-Us-smile.


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