Innocence, Dancing, Racing + The Law of Crow


Earth to its Lovers…Calling You!  The Alien took a temporary spin away from the good ole USA and her earthly residence in Atlantic City (and in her earthly host, Chelsea Nicole‘s body and its daily grindhouse of sno-cone selling, drag racing, skee-shooting and strip bar pole-dancing) to see what was new in the land of real Italian Spumanti, real Sopranos of Operatic vs. New Jersey mafiaso glory and various other Reality Situations. Italy.

Upon re-entry we found Margaret Bowland‘s paintings…a drunken toast to American excess and its fragile beauty.

As a visitor to your beautiful Earth, your America of Promise, complete with black oil filling your Gulf today, New Orleans and Haiti as Softly Crying open wounds and the White Male Power Elite continuing to shift…surely the power of these paintings elicit a calling for “The Meek” to Inherit The Earth. The Alien beckons to your own innocence and beauty to Imagine and create The Shift.

Did I today actually watch a tiny black girl child uncontrollably skipping and dancing down the street while holding the hand of her mother or friend before or after I was inspired to write this post? Of course I did! What is Linear Time? That’s It! That’s My Smile!

My Daily Love Smile. That timelessness, that enthusiasm, that human spirit dance is most Precious and full of the Promise, as the “PickaNinny” Protagonist loved by another fave artist of the Alien, Kara Walker, who brilliantly shines a light so bright it fades her figures all to black.

PickaNinny…Little, Crow…Black.  The Alien feels This Child.  (When, as The Alien,  I am not in the body of snow white skinned Chelsea Nicole I also inhabit the body of a type of Pickaninny too, a tiny, white Jewish girl with fuzzy mulatto hair: half wirey afro, half baby-fine black-colored hair. I am a Time and Body Traveler…you know….wouldn’t you too, choose more than one body in which to have fun?)

Funny how the name Crow stood for a law separating black and white. Jim Crow Laws. To The Original People of Your Land, America, the Crow symbolizes The Void and The In-Between. Your fragile human egos and laws arbitrarily separate your irrational fears to support your Un-Truths.  The real law is beyond You and The Void, the In-Between comes as Crow, an Omen of Change on this USA land and around the globe. When the Shaman and Shape Shifter Comes Cawing, the call is To Eat Crow and to Eat Your Words and Get Right.

“Jump Jim Crow” was originally a minstral “comic” song about a crippled African slave, part of the minstral tradition of “Black Face.”

Margaret Bowland, painting canvases as a Shamaness for the viewer’s Transcend Dance, says she is in pursuit of the realities of Beauty.  She also says her paintings explore “the need we have… to whiten,” in an article in the Huffington Post.  Whiten skin, Teeth, the Truth, the Lies, the Dark.

Myth, Horror, Art, Trajedy, Ritual, Comedy. If we intertwine them, the Truth will blur, confusion will reign and humans will believe anything.

Consider the Comic Root of White Face. It may have began with dried clay, the wet Earth dried upon our Face.  In True Earth Culture and the American Indian Heyoka sacred clown and shaman tradition, “masks are made of clay while the creator’s eyes are closed. A mask is made for each direction of the medicine wheel to creates a personal mythology which explores his or her personal Experiences and Innocenses.” (spelling kept for adorableness)

In fact, it was Italy’s Commedia dell’arte who picked up the tradition, where the white-faced clown is in pursuit of Columbine “a lovely woman…in both French and Italian theater, often portrayed as a servant, serving girl, or lady’s maid under the patronage of Pantaloon (Pantalone), though she is at times depicted instead as his daughter.”

“As the painter, the observer of these young women, I am a predator, but it is the desire humans have had since the beginning of time—to hunt and consume their prey and dissolve within their spirits…scarily close to what we mean when we say we love,” says Margaret the painter.

The quietest of Earthlings used to be The Little Dark Girl, the most mysterious the most abused, the most forgotten and the most pursued. Dreams spring from The Dark Unknown. Thankfully the Earth’s Dark Black, loamy, rich and fertile Persona will not leave us be. As the UnLoved and Unconsidered, Her pain and our pain is full of dirt and Promise. It’s only from pain that humans Bar Love and Find Love. May you Kids raise your Bars, Barriers, Eat Crow and Come to Love and Come To Each other.

If I could start a Religion or make Up Some Rules, (as I must since I happen to be a Sister from another Planet opon your God-like Turf)… little-girl Black and Today just gave me 3 more credos:

  • Skip or Dance down the street
  • Speak and Act Only as Love, Practice what you Preach
  • Smile, just because we are free
  • Kiss The Earth and The Sky

YOU!…Little Adorable Black Child!…Margaret Bowman! …YOU! …Crow YOU!…Heyokas! YOU!…Kara Walker YOU! …YOU!…and YOU!… will forever make an Alien stuck in the body of a stripper named Chelsea Nicole…find-a-smile-a-smile-and more-smile-cuts-the-hate-faster-than-more-hate….smile.


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