M.I.A. + Kanye: shakin’ nak’d ina burka


Do it like this, do it like that. Look Atcha.

Yesterday, while my earthly body host, Chelsea Nicole, was doing her pole-dance in a burka (her new invention, inspired by M.I.A.’s new song lyrics… “Springsteen and Mujahideen,”) I took a Tastycake break and recalled a scene in Felini’s “Satyricon” where two gay boys encounter a hiding beautiful dark girl in an abandoned house who speaks gibberish purposely Un-Synced by Fellini. It was 1969 and 2 pale gay boys and a black girl freely romp.

Fast-forward to 2010. In the past 2 days an imaginary illustration on a Kanye album cover causes a Walmart ban and M.I.A. in a burka followed by spangles at an Award Show makes waves. An Alien just has to scratch her metalhead…and smile once again a Big Digital, Magical Smile at the Un-Funny Antics of Humans in their Lil Burka-clad Planet. (“And I want to show you how you all look like beautiful stars tonight”)

The Un-Dressed. Oh Lucifer! Another free-flowing woman is a threat to The State and to The Man. Why we do this, why we do that? asks M.I.A., in a flowery caftan followed by a spangled birthday suit at the 2010 Spike Scream Awards, honoring the best performers in the sci-fi and horror genres. The Phoenix on Kanye’s new album cover refers to the main character in his film debut, “Runaway” in which he dates a creature that has fallen to Earth, who eventually burns herself like every other “fallen” woman throughout Mythology, “His” Story and Mystery. “Let’s look at ourselves,” both artists flash Love Beams to the rest of y’all.

The Un-Sync. M.I.A. is buying up links and her newest single is here,    bedroomtothehallwaytotheroadtotheworld.com.  Like a transmission from outer space, a low-production base line unsyncs the brainwaves for a minute just like Fellini purposely unsynced the dub between his three lovers in his “Satyricon.” Images vs. photos and the simple-simple threaten the beat of the current fare of over-processed reality and Super-Real. The Alien is partial to a beat that transforms her heartbeat in a flash and depends on MIA for that.

The Un-Man: Kanye is once again, Un-leashing the Digital and Giga-Vital. In the middle of an iris radiation, in a fire red suit, surrounded by ballet dancers, he offends the offenders, and tweaks all our pissiness with his lyrics admitting being “so gifted at finding what I don’t like the most.”  Look Atcha. The Alien also loves this send up here of a digital ancient tribe ritual, Blame Game.

The Un-Literal Mystical Lady. Fellini: “Woman is a marvel; woman is a universe. This may be a tantric conception: Woman is the alien part of man, but she is higher than he, because women are born adults, ancient. You’re born knowing everything. As mothers, you’re superior. For survival, an archetypal rebellion exists in women’s memory, because man has invented for himself an intellectual supremacy, a violence he uses to dominate her. But the struggle is unequal.”

The Alien Salutes YOU!…M.I.A.!…YOU! Kanye! …YOU! Hidden Ladies!…YOU! Fellini! YOU! Imaginative Pole-dancers! will forever make an Alien stuck in the body of a stripper named Chelsea Nicole…smile a “sometimes-the-worst-in-all-of-us-reveals-our-beauty-ok?”…smile.


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