Guccione has left the Penthouse


Guccione has left the Penthouse.

Pent-up? Bound -up? Wound-up? Guccione Gave Gifts.

As an inter-terrestial Alien currently stuck in the body of a stripper at Babes in Boyland Bar, Atlantic City, NJ…I know a bit about bodies, lusty visionary exposure and being a Voyeur. My 3 favorite written works of All Human Time does in fact, include Penthouse Letters, so I do honor the passing of Bob Guccione.

One upon a Time, in a Sea Girt, New Jersey library in 1984, I pushed my all-time favorite book, Ram Das’s “Be Here Now,” onto my human host, Chelsea Nicole’s head to impart some knowledge and Liberation into her. Not so sure that worked for her, in the way Penthouse Letters did. Thus, like her, millions will concur with my alternative heavenly tossed manifesto for instant enlightenment, that the handy Penthouse Letters series nicely fits the three “Be Here Now” categories of important books: “Books to hang out with”, “Books to visit with now & then”, and “Books it’s useful to have met”.

Guru Guccione famously said of his magazine Penthouse“We followed the philosophy of voyeurism. To see her as if she doesn’t know she’s being seen. That was the sexy part. That was the part that none of our competition understood.”

For Guccione, Liberation from Pent-Up came via Rear Window style voyeurism and conquest via a camera which suited his reportedly bi-polar and artistic soul. For Ram Das, Liberation from Pent-Up came from States of Witnessing and conquest via simultaneously being the Seen and the Seer. A Professor at Harvard, whose trips with “turn on, tune in, drop out” Timothy Leary and trips to India for audience with Baba Neem Karoli, the Guru who in his God state witnessed all and stunned thousands with LSD having no affect at all upon his ever-smiling face…both of these boys too, transformed the very idea of watching, witnessing and awareness into Liberation for millions. Same thing, n’est-ce pas?

Voyeurism conveys privilege, status, that what you see that makes you special, unseen, God-like…and may I say it’s why you like us Aliens too! It’s why you Humans love Facebook and Google maps. To see and be seen all the while watching “the control” and “the loss of it”..This is the fabric of your lives! To Lose it is to allow imagination, creativity and trust. Just the right twists and measures of the desire and control knobs to change the picture before you. (and Handy to have pics always…whether that golden field of flowers be porn or mandalas)

While Guccione trumped the Playboy and Penthouse ideal by living like Caligula in one of Manhattan’s largest playpen of a house, with 30 rooms, costing $5 million a year to maintain, Baba Neem Karoli sat wrapped in a plaid, wool blanket in the heat of India and opened the eyes of millions.

To be bound up by material things or just bound by momentary pursuits of pleasure… in the end a Guru like Baba gave away sweet fruits like water…and so did Guru Bob Guccione after all.

YOU! Baba Neem Karoli! ….YOU! Penthouse Letters!…YOU! Bob Guccione! will forever make an Alien stuck in the body of a stripper named Chelsea Nicole…smile a “freedom-is-in-your-own-eyes-hands and heart”…smile.


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