Wild Things are Coming! Keep them Close!

My Daily Alien Smile today actually began last night when Chelsea Nicole gunned her red Mustang “Thrill Machine” away from the CVS drugstore, highly PMS pissed. They were all out of Nair, the hair remover, which meant fuzzy legs and a mustache, which in turn causes her extreme emotional pain which in turn requires extreme repeated doses of the Budweiser medication.  I had nowhere safe to go but My Imagination.


AJ fosik_d

The Alien Likes To Keep Furry Things Close. Why do you think she regularly trades her glowing silicone sleek wet suit for the *frankly* fleshy fats of her human host, Chelsea Nicole? The warmth, the hot lights, the scent of a woman…I do love every pore and folicle (and thank God for astral traveling when it all permeates TOO MUCH.)

But, can you humans really get wild? Spike Jonze’s Where The Wild Things Are movie is coming! Please do honor your hairy ancestry, beasts, the beasts in You and the little beings you were and are always, because becoming an adult invaribly musses everything up for all y’all.  (Despite your Human parades and charades for Help! for The Lost to be Found! via “Adults and Their Family Religions,” “Rules I Learned in Kindergarten” and “WWJD”).

The Alien’s Love Smile came today with artist, A. J. Fosik’s exhibit, “There’s Aliens In Our Midst …that’s the hot colored animal human head above.  It made me think of the totem poles in Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man movie and the necessity of wild rituals in dream like settings. A childhood silverware set came next, from 1960’s Germany with a sweet totem portrait of my Alien family. (the drawing is below) Then followed my most recent artist to wish I could crawl in his skin, a real man who spend weeks in the forest, builds his own islands or becomes a snowman with a carrot nose in galleries … Antti Laitinen.

Scary Fun + Furry Friends + Tiny Alien Pals = Harmless Humans!

While you remake your planet and plant trees, feed the hungry, calm the racists and teach the children…don’t forget to give your hungry animal ghosts a powerful and peaceful place to go in their Wild Imaginings so they don’t unleash their Ugly Humans when they join the masses at the watering holes.

YOU!…Spike Jonze, YOU! …Antti Laitinen! YOU! …Johnny Depp! YOU! …Jim Jarmusch! YOU! …Maurice Sendak! YOU!… HOT WILD HUMAN MEN! will forever make an alien stuck in the body of a stripper named Chelsea Nicole… smile-a-knowing-animal-toothful-grin-while-purring-to-Madonna’s-Vogue’ing-Alien-smile/dance through the woods smile. (with nary a human hair on her…)





Photo 156



Who speaks for Forests and Seedlings planted one by one, step by step?  Who stood up to her political husband’s accusations of adultery and cruelty? Who stands up to her own country that tells her to be quiet and respect men and calls her crazy?  Who stands up to world leaders imploring them to agree that climate change is “human-induced” and more than 4000 scientists cannot be mistaken?

Kenyan, Wangari Maathai went from listening to her communities’ puzzlement over why there was no wood for fires nor water to drink to becoming a Nobel Prize Winner and an invited Speaker at the United Nations.  As a top international university student, it was a simple solution for her community…grow trees.  The rest of her journey has been less than simple indeed but her movement, the Green Belt Movement has planted 35 million trees and continues to create sustainable jobs.  

Her response to men in her country telling her to be a woman and be quiet?  “Just use the anatomy that matters right now, from the neck up.”

 cnn.com interview  

Pleased with the positions of China and Japan at the recent UN meeting in New York, she implores Obama to follow suit leading up to the UN Climate Change Conference in December 2009.  

…and see this video of Wangari on Democracy Now!


“When you believe in something, keep at it, do it…YOU MAY BE RIGHT,” Wangari tells students and hmmm, the Alien is listening and is on the forefront of the Wangari War for Trees!

YOU!…Wangari Maathai!  You will forever make an alien stuck in the body of a stripper named Chelsea Nicole… smile-at-every-small-seedling’s-will-power-which-grows-and-grows-until-it-re-forests-the-world.


Top photo by Belinda Luscombe.

“Everyone re-incarnates, changes bodies, transitions, you know, and that includes Obama too,” my friend, Rahu Speaks and Reminds Me.

Getting a phone call beamed from my friend Rahu, usually means he’s got some new persona and scheme cooking and so even, I, Iti, Alien Unstoppable, must give pause. He tells me his current incarnation is as leader of the US and the Unarians, the New Age cult famed for awaiting rescuing Alien Love Ships in 2001, and he is about to go to “The Next Level.” (for more on Unarians, see here where they get a visit from an Earthling after 2001, still waiting for their ship to come in…)

Here is Unarian leader Ruth Norman in one of her many revelatory guises.

Ruth Norman, Unarian is full dress

Ruth Norman, Unarian in full dress

Wait a minute!  That looks a lot like a Shepard Fairey?  Could it be? Maybe Rahu is on to something.  Barack Obama…an Alien by association, by portraitist, by his multi-colored face…?

Obama as the half red and half yellow Alien Leader

Obama as the half red and half yellow Alien Leader

Rahu Himself Speaks and Explains:

“So, first I stirred up Obama as The Fake Hawaiian, an Alien Non-American and then lately Hitler,, a Nazi…right?  Well, my next coup is to use my evil energy to simultaneously become both the actual Extra-terrestial version of Obama and the Republicans who try to out him. You’ll note my poetic justice at work as “The Birthers” shall seed the “The Earthers” who are hell-bent on outing Obama for what he and Michelle really are: The New Leaders of Aliens Here On Earth.”

I ask Rahu, who is fond of taking over planets…”Is your evil plan to take over the US as Obama by speaking in tongues through lunatics? And what about Sarah, is Palin an Alien too?”  

(…trust the Alien would not give space on her blog to this bombastic male Alien except for the fact that seeing the Fuhrer’s mustache on the face of Obama made me not only question if the Holocaust really ever happened but also the color of the men under Klu Klux Klan sheets. Krazy.)

The truth is however, when Rahu Speaks and he has a Message of Hope, no matter how dire it seems.

And who is Rahu, himself, really?  Man of Myth, both Buddhist and Hindu, many already see the current Republican party as a manifestation of Rahu.  From Wikipedia:  “Rahu is a snake and plunges into any area of life he controls into chaos, mystery and cruelty. He is associated with the world of material manifestation and worldly desire; random uncontrolled growth without wisdom or understanding.”  

You can see why Rahu is a completely irritating friend, however, I have to admit that when Rahu Speaks, like a weekend bender, a crying jag, a divorce or ethnic cleansing, people eventually come to their senses.       

I’m glad I voted for Barack/Rahu then.  It seems a circuitous path to Love and Redemption for the Humans, for Rahu to incarnate himself as the Alien Barack Obama and for he and Michelle to be the reincarnation of the former leader, Ruth Norman of the Unarians. However, God’s Master Plan is often in the details and it’s clear that the media frenzy over Michelle’s perfect outfits are part of the Distraction of “The Plan” because when she makes a fashion mis-step, her true identity is revealed, as Ruth was notoriously well-known as a Fashionista.

You be the Judge.  It’s all so damn Foxy.

Ruth Norman/Michelle Obama: The Same

Ruth Norman/Michelle Obama: The Same

Michelle's Fashion Misstep Immediately Identifies her as Alien Wife

Michelle's Fashion Misstep Immediately Identifies her as Alien Wife




My angel told me not to fear
Love is free and everywhere
Listen to that special part
It will save us, it’s the heart

God has a voice, he speaks through me
God has a voice, she speaks through me

Crystal light in every creature
Crystal light in every creature
Everyone has love to give


The Alien’s Daily smile today was as wide as my bathtub sea, stretching to infinity. Make my eyes shine wide to give some room on God’s little dance floor to the Coco Rosie  sisters, Bianca Leilani “Coco” and Sierra Rose “Rosie” Casady.  

The singing sister girls finally tour the US, beginning in NYC on September 2nd. Where Bjork only began is where these girls begin. I will definitely try to invade their auras when they come, for I had a master shopping list for when I came to just visit the Earth for a few hundred years which included:          

I instead by mistake, as you well know, ended up in the body of one Chelsea Nicole.  

YOU!…Coco Rosie!  You will forever make an alien stuck in the body of a stripper named Chelsea Nicole… smile-a-wave-the-freak-flag-high-as-you-strip-it-proudly-off-your-body-smile.

(here are 3 pretty vids to make your day)


God has a Voice and She Speaks To Me!  I so love my girls!


2-Sep New York, NY Highline Ballroom
3-Sep Washington, DC Black Cat
5-Sep Boston, MA Paradise
6-Sep Quebec, PQ Le Circle
7-Sep Montreal, PQ Le National
9-Sep Toronto, ONT Lee’s Palace
10-Sep Detroit, MI Crofoot
11-Sep Chicago, IL Logan Square Auditorium
15-Sep Seattle, WA King’s Cat
16-Sep Vancouver, BC Red Room
17-Sep Portland, OR Alladin
19-Sep Yosemite, CA Symbiosis
21-Sep Los Angeles, CA Henry Fonda Theatre

China Tracy, What Are You Doing Here?  

Cao Fei

Cao Fei

cao_fei shoes

China Tracy you are Beloved by The Alien!  Like Smilin’ Iti (Me), China Tracy pops up everywhere and in Second Life she is the Second skin of artist Cao Fei.  The Alien was Smiling Huge over her a Sunday feast of her art, having seen too much art from China with mixed feelings. CF is thankfully the right probing mix beyond “cute” dredged up iconographic repeats of Western art in an angst filled stew sprinkled with symbols of China.  Just saying it makes my four stomachs queasy.

In RMB City, she has built a Luc Besson plus plus worthy utopian city playing with identity and community. Here is her day to night lullaby to her city and another snappy lil youtube piece here.

cao fei second skin

cao fei city

What are you doing here? is her series allowing factory workers full reign of their fantasties, ideas, hopes and dreams.  Companies such as Siemens Art Program and OSRAM China Lighting Ltd. in China let their workers become everything from a ballerina with the wings of an angel amid a manufacturing room’s work benches to a group of young men playing electric guitars in a vast hall.  

The Alien sees herself in this pose and dress in the Ikea warehouse after eating the Swedish “ish” meatballs.


YOU!…China Tracy!  Cao Fei!  Whomever You May Be! will forever make an alien stuck in the body of a stripper named Chelsea Nicole… smile a second, third and twelve thousand and tenth skin-boundary busting smile.

See this video on art 21 blog.

Cao Fei is represented by Lombard Freid Projects in New York.

Business as Usual at the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle until October 4th, 2009

Dress Codes: The Third ICP Triennial of Photography and Video International Center of Photography in New York from October 2, 2009 to January 17, 2010;

Her project in Second Life, RMB City, is on view and online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Being beautiful can never hurt, but you have to have more. You have to sparkle, you have to be fun, you have to make your brain work if you have one.”
Sophia Loren

sophia's house

Throw that intelligence curve ball indeed, Sophia!

…while my tiny Alien mitts await my rice flour to rise for my mini-bread baking experiment today, I salute all things home-y, bake-y, vintage clebritini-ish and womanly beautiful…the curvaciousness that is Sophia Loren for no other reason than she popped into my Alien world twice today and made me Alien smile.

First, my compound Alien eyes could not stop drinking in this image of Sophia in bed, very pleasing in a real Mama Madonna way. Note the painting of Sophia Madonna over her head.  She really worked it to escape poverty and miscarriages to earn her lush Mamahood to her two boys.  And then today, suddenly synchronistically and eerily, a friend said to watch her whole story on a videotape of the Charlie Rose show from 2002, where Sophia touts her history and her cookbook.

Sophia…are you tryin to tell The Alien something?

Of course, I check the Google news for some Sophia wisdom. That’s what her name means, scholars! Sure enough, in the news is Annie Hall actress, Diane Keaton, on a roll to save the Century Plaza Hotel from the wrecking ball.  Designed by Minoru Yamasaki of the Twin Tower fame, Diane and others are calling it a perfect example of 1960’s architecture.  Diane paid homage to a classic example of 1960’s icon-status architecture by saying that the hotel’s distinctive curving facade made it appear like “a sexy woman surrounded by ogling men – Sophia Loren in the 1960s”.

LA's Century Plaza Hotel

LA's Century Plaza Hotel

The Alien hopes Diane (scholars: The Huntress) is more successful in her fight than New York City’s tragic loss of the curvy, sparkly Lollipop building at Columbus Circle…replaced by a bland building with all the emotion and excitement of a circuit board.

Lollipop building

Lollipop building

Neither of these 60’s buildings have anything on my favorite, Oscar Niemeyer’s architectural curve-balls.

Osacr Niemeyer, Alien space travel building

Osacr Niemeyer, Alien space travel building

So Kudo’s to Mama Sophia for beautifully appreciating, turning and working life’s curve balls into Sparkly Magnificence vs. acquiesing to the wrecking balls. 

On September 20, Sophia Loren is 75 years stunning. Building and Rising again this Fall, Sophia stars as the Mama in Nine, the Musical movie with stellar co-stars, Daniel Day-LewisNicole KidmanPenelope CruzMarion CotillardKate HudsonStacy “Fergie” Ferguson, Look at Daniel Day Lewis and his hot Mama here:


Sophia Loren and Daniel Day Lewis

Sophia Loren and Daniel Day Lewis

YOU!…Sophia!…and Oscar! will forever make an alien stuck in the body of a stripper named Chelsea Nicole… smile a curvy architectonique smile.