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“Why I can be a frog, a bat, a chimp or a human.” It’s raining the first pelting, freezing rain of the winter here in Atlantic City and while Chelsea is out pole and lap dancing, I’m cozy up in the rancher, with Grandma Ann’s crocheted Americana folly (blanket).  I passed on Chelsea’s figure-flattering slanket […]

Prizes One thru Nine. The Celebs Knockin’ Their Chakras and…The Shining Stars…Celebs Rockin’ Their Chakras. (Iti’s Note: What is a “Chakra”?  A purse to be on a waiting list for?  A sneaker from Japan? No to both and you can’t buy or beg, you already have them. Celebritis…They’re Just Like Us! They have these Energy Wheels […]