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Guccione has left the Penthouse. Pent-up? Bound -up? Wound-up? Guccione Gave Gifts. As an inter-terrestial Alien currently stuck in the body of a stripper at Babes in Boyland Bar, Atlantic City, NJ…I know a bit about bodies, lusty visionary exposure and being a Voyeur. My 3 favorite written works of All Human Time does in fact, include Penthouse […]

Tip it To High


Aliens come and go and whoa!… we’ve seen plenty from ET to Bowie to Barbie to Nicole Ritchie. So this Alien was un-plugged and un-blogging for a bit, playing an Anubis Dog, (ushering my Alzheimer-infused and brilliantly psychotic Dad on his way to being an Celestial Alien from his nursing home to his universal resting […]

Wild Things are Coming! Keep them Close! My Daily Alien Smile today actually began last night when Chelsea Nicole gunned her red Mustang “Thrill Machine” away from the CVS drugstore, highly PMS pissed. They were all out of Nair, the hair remover, which meant fuzzy legs and a mustache, which in turn causes her extreme […]