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Some walk the talk on the front lines of “Me: Uncomfortable!” Some complain on the sidelines at the slightest of slights: “Me! Uncomfortable!”  The Alien (me) loves it when you stand and move and say “Nope…Sari” like Ghandi, “It’s just one shot” like Neda and like Louis XVIII, “A King should die standing.” Where will YOU walk […]

the alien’s smile today is a promise of summer. new music from florence and the machine july 6 on island. lungs, a release to raise it up with a song for the end of a cold winter (eeew still!) and spring sorta here in the vicinity of coney island, earth. the beginning of Summer turning us […]

Earthlings!  The alien suggests you drop right this minute the self-righteous chit-chats, the old racial wounds and celebrate another example of LOVE and Rainbow tribage.  Stars using their wealth to embrace children has little to do with race, look beyond! Look at one of my favorite pioneering women of color, Josephine Baker, who had an original Rainbow tribe […]