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“Why I can be a frog, a bat, a chimp or a human.” It’s raining the first pelting, freezing rain of the winter here in Atlantic City and while Chelsea is out pole and lap dancing, I’m cozy up in the rancher, with Grandma Ann’s crocheted Americana folly (blanket).  I passed on Chelsea’s figure-flattering slanket […]

Who speaks for Forests and Seedlings planted one by one, step by step?  Who stood up to her political husband’s accusations of adultery and cruelty? Who stands up to her own country that tells her to be quiet and respect men and calls her crazy?  Who stands up to world leaders imploring them to agree […]

La Second Chakra Sexy Prize to Allan Jenkins Orgasmic Organics Always a lover of round, scented earthy fecund-ness in all its forms, The Alien wants to make a Celebritini from her latest discovery, English gardener and blogger, Allan Jenkins. LES MUSTS! EARTH FLUSHNESS! CELEBRITINI + ZUCCHINI BABY BUMPS! The most sexy garden pics EVER!  Take 5 […]

A regal woman entered the far end of New York City’s Bryant Park with her lover. She had a black and white 1970’s printed volumnous top, leggings and high, high wedge turquoise shoes and her head swathed high, high, high in a turquoise scarf like a 1950’s icon going on a European road trip and […]

  The Alien’s Daily Smile Today is in Appreciation for The Artist who gave nod most wisely to spectacle, humor, scale of emotions and symbol. No, it ain’t MJ…Pina Bausch has passed.  The Alien shared dinner with Pina in a small Brooklyn cafe after a BAM performance of Mazurca Fogo and toasted The Legend with the cast […]

  This wee Goddess absorbing Fairie and Alien Secrets worked by the side of Gremlins Jean-Paul Gaultier and Azzedine Alaia (10 years!)  A lavender and meadowish French countryside did this little Sophia right and she now dresses Naomi Campbell, Stephanie Seymour, Rossi de Palma, Gretchen Mol, Veronica Webb…thus “Elle” is the Alien’s new favorite designer, Sophie […]