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My angel told me not to fear Love is free and everywhere Listen to that special part It will save us, it’s the heart God has a voice, he speaks through me God has a voice, she speaks through me Crystal light in every creature Crystal light in every creature Everyone has love to give […]

Inflatable Monday. Around here…(Coney Island parts) Monday mornings must be blown up and infused with fresh air, new sea legs and spinach-fed muscle! (coffee too…) Iti’s Daily Love Smile today comes from artist Jeff Koon’s inflatable sea creatures which happily puncture and swim through heavy metal trash cans, ladders and meat hooks in London’s Serpentine Gallery […]

Virgin Atlantic does not fly first class from from war-torn Ethiopia to Jersey City. Alfa did it.  Growing up on less than $1 a day does not easily get you into Harvard. Alfa did it.  Living with your single Mom in a sweatshop does not lead one to speak at the UN or be a CNN […]