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Tip it To High


Aliens come and go and whoa!… we’ve seen plenty from ET to Bowie to Barbie to Nicole Ritchie. So this Alien was un-plugged and un-blogging for a bit, playing an Anubis Dog, (ushering my Alzheimer-infused and brilliantly psychotic Dad on his way to being an Celestial Alien from his nursing home to his universal resting […]

Virgin Atlantic does not fly first class from from war-torn Ethiopia to Jersey City. Alfa did it.  Growing up on less than $1 a day does not easily get you into Harvard. Alfa did it.  Living with your single Mom in a sweatshop does not lead one to speak at the UN or be a CNN […]

Butt Bruno…


Kudos to “Stonewall the Haters” Bruno and his butt, thankfully appearing everywhere on planet Earth from the worst possible seat in the house for an MTV Awards to his “so gay, bend-over backwards, find it like Beckham in dark-places discovering” GQ magazine advice column.   YOU!…Sacha Baron Cohen…make an alien stuck in the body of a stripper smile. […]