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Guccione has left the Penthouse. Pent-up? Bound -up? Wound-up? Guccione Gave Gifts. As an inter-terrestial Alien currently stuck in the body of a stripper at Babes in Boyland Bar, Atlantic City, NJ…I know a bit about bodies, lusty visionary exposure and being a Voyeur. My 3 favorite written works of All Human Time does in fact, include Penthouse […]

Do it like this, do it like that. Look Atcha. Yesterday, while my earthly body host, Chelsea Nicole, was doing her pole-dance in a burka (her new invention, inspired by M.I.A.’s new song lyrics… “Springsteen and Mujahideen,”) I took a Tastycake break and recalled a scene in Felini’s “Satyricon” where two gay boys encounter a […]

“Why I can be a frog, a bat, a chimp or a human.” It’s raining the first pelting, freezing rain of the winter here in Atlantic City and while Chelsea is out pole and lap dancing, I’m cozy up in the rancher, with Grandma Ann’s crocheted Americana folly (blanket).  I passed on Chelsea’s figure-flattering slanket […]

  The Alien’s Daily Smile Today is in Appreciation for The Artist who gave nod most wisely to spectacle, humor, scale of emotions and symbol. No, it ain’t MJ…Pina Bausch has passed.  The Alien shared dinner with Pina in a small Brooklyn cafe after a BAM performance of Mazurca Fogo and toasted The Legend with the cast […]